First Half of February | 2019 Chronicles
      February 14, 2019
      This February has been crazy … and that is being kind. Winter waited until this month to show up and then she took us out in one big sweep that seems ... READ MORE
      January | Portraits of Me | 12 Portraits In 12 Months
      February 6, 2019
      I have been going through a lot of old photos this last month, trying to pick out the best to have up as artwork. It is a fun process and sucks you in... READ MORE
      Bonus Room Update | 2019 Chronicles
      February 4, 2019
      After taking a couple of days at the beginning of the month to get myself organized, I went heads-down on completing the painting projects that carrie... READ MORE
      Second Half of January | 2019 Chronicles
      February 3, 2019
      The second half of January had us in Arizona for three days. You can read all about our adventures in Part 1 and Part 2 posts that I already published... READ MORE
      Arizona Part 2 | 2019 Chronicles
      February 1, 2019
      It was supposed to be quite a bit cooler today (low 60s) so we opted to go for a hike. Jeremy found a really fun one with scenic views and a lot of hi... READ MORE
      Arizona Part 1 | 2019 Chronicles
      January 23, 2019
      We decided to beat the rainy gloom of our Northwest winters and headed to Scottsdale, Arizona for a long weekend. Our days started extremely early and... READ MORE
      First Half of January | 2019 Chronicles
      January 18, 2019
      This January has been busy, but not so much in the photography department. Most of my time was spent painting our bonus room (separate post on that so... READ MORE
      What’s Next for 2019?
      January 12, 2019
      I have had this post tee'd up for awhile now and for some reason have not published it. Now that we are pretty much mid-January, I am revisiting and r... READ MORE
      Looking back on 2018
      January 2, 2019
      After posting 365+ photos this year, it is always fun to go back and see what happened. I tried to cull down everything into a snapshot to share, so h... READ MORE
      Living with Boys | 2018 | Week 52
      December 31, 2018
      Day 358 | December 24, 2018 Merry Christmas Eve! We hosted Jeremy's side of the family today and had a great time catching up with everyone and enjoy... READ MORE