March | Portraits of Me | 12 Portraits in 12 Month
      April 3, 2019
      Another month, another portrait. I finished up the class I was taking on mastering natural light in photography this month. One of our assignments ... READ MORE
      First Half of March | 2019 Chronicles
      March 19, 2019
      March has to be the busiest month of my year and this year is definitely no exception. While we started the month with trees being removed, we also go... READ MORE
      Second Half of February – 2019 Chronicles
      March 17, 2019
      We kicked off the second half of February with a trip to Vegas. You can read about it in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Once we got back, I decided I n... READ MORE
      Las Vegas Part 3 – 2019 Chronicles
      March 12, 2019
      Jeremy finished up his trade show yesterday, so today we got to explore as a family. We started with a morning at Top Golf - because that seems to be ... READ MORE
      Las Vegas Part 2 | 2019 Chronicles
      March 6, 2019
      The crazy stimulation from sights and sounds started to catch up with us today. Our original plan was to head to the top of the Eiffel Tower to get an... READ MORE
      February | Portraits of Me | 12 Portraits in 12 Months
      March 2, 2019
      Since we had to remove our Japanese Maple in the backyard, I have noticed we are getting way more light on the southwest side of our house. So for thi... READ MORE
      Las Vegas Part 1 | 2019 Chronicles
      March 1, 2019
      Our February trip couldn't have come sooner. So much snow around here - we had been house bound for almost two weeks … we were all ready to get the he... READ MORE
      First Half of February | 2019 Chronicles
      February 14, 2019
      This February has been crazy … and that is being kind. Winter waited until this month to show up and then she took us out in one big sweep that seems ... READ MORE
      January | Portraits of Me | 12 Portraits In 12 Months
      February 6, 2019
      I have been going through a lot of old photos this last month, trying to pick out the best to have up as artwork. It is a fun process and sucks you in... READ MORE
      Bonus Room Update | 2019 Chronicles
      February 4, 2019
      After taking a couple of days at the beginning of the month to get myself organized, I went heads-down on completing the painting projects that carrie... READ MORE