May 8, 2015

      And yeah. Today happened. I would say any day with my children typically ebbs and flows. We have a few downs, but we always get back up and move past them. Today. Oooohhhhh today. Today challenged me to a whole new level. I have been fighting a cold. I am tired, don’t feel well and my reserves with my patience are pretty well depleted. Both kids have not been getting enough sleep. Gavin keeps waking up at the crack of dawn and then waking Carter up. This all just sets everything up for a train wreck, which is what happened today. They pushed at me. There was arguing, there was talking back, there was the inability to listen. By BOTH KIDS.

      So this mama lost her marbles. Jeremy couldn’t be done with work soon enough.

      Which brings us to todays photos. A nice little reminder that they are sweet when they are silent. Cute when they aren’t beating on each other. Innocent when their eyes are closed. And I am closer to sane again when they are like this.

      Carter-8218 Gavin-8216