I am a few days late with posting Gavin’s 10 month list of cool tricks. His birthday is around the corner and this year has absolutely flown by. On with the list:

      • When Jeremy holds Gavin and then turns his head to one side, Gavin will lean way over to get in front of his face, and Jeremy will say ‘Oh There you are", and Gavin starts laughs.Then after doing that for a while Gavin just hits Jeremy’s face with his hand to try to get Jeremy to face him again.
      • Gavin can stand for a long time all by himself, even bounce up and down. And he cruises along furniture constantly. Tonight he was trying to run from Carter along the couch and he would kick his right leg out in order to get speed, it was hysterical.
      • Peek-A-Boo King – Gavin loves to play peek-a-boo and absolutely cracks up every time someone plays with him. He will pull his blanket up or hide behind something so that he can then peek out at you.
      • He is a TV junkie. There are times when the TV is on that he becomes entranced with it and if you move in front of him, he will move around you.
      • Gavin is always in our cupboards now. With the new house we decided to not do any permanent baby proofing, as Carter grew out of that stage fairly quickly. So we have rubber bands or plastic clips holding the cupboards from opening when there are two knobs together. However there are a handful of “single” cupboards that are fair game, so it has been fun chasing him around.
      • “Touchdown!” We have Gavin throwing his arms up for touchdown now – and when he is happy or likes something, he starts clapping.
      • Fastest crawler in the west – man that kid can move. While he can take a few steps, he prefers to drop down and crawl because he can get there faster that way.
      • Everything goes in his mouth because he is teething, including socks. For some reason he loves socks.
      • He plays with toys WAY better than his brother. Carter always has to have someone playing with him, but Gavin happily plays by himself for decent periods of time.
      • When he gets tired and if there is a blanket on the floor or a stuffed animal, he will totally throw himself on the ground and try to bury himself in it.
      • Gavin is going to be a talker, he just babbles along in his own little language all day. I do get some “mamamamamamama” out of him as he crawls up to me, but I am not sure if he actually is associating it with me yet.

      Here is our man in action tonight. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth and to start with, his fingers:


      Standing all by himself:


      And chewing on a car:




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