Most of my 10 on 10 spots have been event focused, so this month I decided to pick more of an every day occurrence instead. We recently decided to start doing some family walks after dinner and the beauty of where we live is having the trail right behind us, so I figured it was time to start taking advantage of it. On this particular evening, the sun was starting to set, giving some fun light to play with.

      So, what are you seeing? Well, first up is one doozy of a hill (yes, I know because I run it all the time and feel like I am going to throw up at the top). Just past the top of the hill there is beautiful pasture land where we tried to find the horses, but they were one paddock over on this day. Jeremy ended up taking a few photos of Gavin and I, and then I started playing with the shadows on the return walk. And the last shot is the boys on the bridge that leads back to our house. Enjoy!