Of course the big event early this February was the Superbowl. We had Todd, his girlfriend Teresa, Anne, Brian, and Baby Gwen over to watch the commercials, I mean game.

      The game was interesting, though it would have been more exciting if our team had made it. The commercials really weren’t that great this year (everyone’s favorite was the Clydesdale one, I think most of us got a little tear in our eye). We had a HUGE spread of food that included 4 different dips, cheeses, pizza bites, hot wings, pulled pork sandwiches, and cupcakes. No one went home hungry, that’s for sure!

      Carter and Brian worked on a puzzle, Gavin vegged out at the upstairs tv where we put on kids shows, Baby Gwen got some good snuggle time with Jeremy and Teresa, the “blackout” happened, and Todd didn’t move from the same spot on the couch all night (I am pretty sure he even finagled people into bringing beer to him).As you can see, this upset Gavin… Enjoy!



      Jeremy looks great holding a baby girl!

      Haha, keep trying – he realized how much his back hurts from the Bjorn!!