July’s installment is all about the fourth of July! We took the ferry from Edmonds to a little town called Kingston and met Jeremy’s brother Chip, Sandy, and the kids to enjoy all the festivities. There was an area set up called “Tiny Town” for the smaller kids where they had a huge inflatable slide, bouncy houses, face painting, a dunk tank, and live music. After playing there, we headed up the street to score a prime spot for the Kingston parade where the kids cleaned up on the candy. Apparently I was a candy magnet – I kept getting pelted by it and then we would tell Carter, “HURRY! GRAB IT! BEFORE ANOTHER CAR COMES!” and he would race into the street, grab the candy, and race back.

      After the parade we headed to Chip and Sandy’s to relax a bit, grab some dinner, and let Gavin attempt taking a nap. After he woke up, we walked up to the park for some more fun where the older boys played basketball and the younger kids played on the slides. Enjoy the WAY more than ten photos!

      The ferry ride over to KingstonFerry-1512This one is DEFINITELY my soccer playerFourthofJuly-1FourthofJuly-2Gavin had pure joy going down this giant slide – his grin was HUGE and it made everyone around crack up, especially since he would get to the top, turn the corner and hurl himself down along the sideGavinFourthofJuly-3Oh, did I mention there was Sumo wrestling? And the two older brothers drew a crowd?Sumo-1585Sumo-1587Carter got his face painted … it was supposed to be fireworks going off. It, um, kinda looked like a gunshot exploded on his cheek. Got even better after he wiped it around. But he thought it was cool!CarterFaceAnd the boys first parade!Parade-1617Parade-1626All the different entries for the parade – we had no idea what the first series was with the “Day Kingston Stood Still” but it was definitely creative!ParadeAnd this one was hysterically unexpected – an advertisement for Randy-Kan Portable ToiletsParade2Back at the house we checked out Carter’s candy haul, the big boys played xbox, and Chloe snuggled with MiaHouseWalking to the parkwalkDadsGavinThe boys burning off some energy playing basketballbasketball3Basketball1The rest of us playing at the playgroundPark

      It was a wonderful holiday and we are so thankful for our friends, family, and the people who serve this country so that we can enjoy the freedom we have. A little belated Happy Fourth of July to everyone!