This month I was traveling on the 10th and well, I just can’t ever seem to make a post on time these days. For June’s installment, Jeremy and I took a trip to visit his college buddy who lives in Ridgecrest, California. I have not spent much time in the desert and it was 110 degrees there while we visited. Thankfully it was a dry heat, but the landscape was pretty much the exact opposite from where we live. That meant the three hour drive from LA was really fun and interesting for me.

      Maynard and his lovely wife Aubrey just had a baby Stephen two months ago and we wanted to meet the newest addition to the family. I thought it would be really fun to do some photos of them with the baby, except neither of them liked to be photographed much. I still got some sneaker shots in (and I fully anticipate some snarky backlash from Maynard)! Here are my ten(ish) favorites from the weekend – we got to see some giggling, I talked them into putting Stephen into the exer-saucer for the first time, and I was reminded how babies can pass through probably 20 different expressions in 10 seconds. We had a fantastic time and I hope these photos do justice to this beauty family.



      WOW !!!! What a GREAT show!! Looks like baby Stephen is well fed/ I can hardly wait until I can get my hands on that CUTE boy Gramie Pat

      that is one cute baby!!!!! Cannot wait to meet him!!!

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