Well, more like 37 on 24 … this month’s installment is Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays Galore!

      Yesterday we had my side of the family over to celebrate Jeremy, Carter, Gavin, and my Uncle Norm’s birthdays this month. We ended up with a gloriously sunny day (albeit a little cold), so all the cousins spent a ton of time outside running and playing in the yard. We all had so much fun spending time with everyone. Carter and Gavin made out like bandits – Carter now has four more new lego star wars sets to build and he IS SO HAPPY (he already has built two today). Gavin actually wanted to open presents, which is a first for him (seriously don’t know whose kid he is!).

      It was loud, there was tons of food and drinks, and we had the cousins stay the night so Carter could have a big birthday breakfast with them today.

      So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy!



      Great pictures Lisa! Thank you for sharing. Looks like a terrific party!!!

      Fabulous photos, great party! Happy birthday to all the boys! :-)