September was all about firsts in this first week. Our first road trip, Carter’s first day at Pre-K, and the boys first swim lesson. I already inundated everyone with road trip photos, so today I will just focus on school and swimming.

      For the first day of school, we measured the boys – I thought this would be a fun tradition to carry forward through their education. Carter was much happier this year about school starting. Last year I got this classic photo. And this year Gavin had to be part of everything. He was NOT happy that Carter went to school and he couldn’t go with him. Carter was NOT happy that I left him at school, but thankfully when I picked him up he had a great time and he promised no crying when he goes next.

      Swim lessons it swapped – Carter was so excited to get into the water and go and had an absolute blast – he even was sorta swimming on his own by the end (his version of swimming, but with no one holding on)! At first before getting in, Gavin was all smiles, but that completely disappeared once he got in the water. Gavin cried the whole time and wanted out. Then Gavin was happy as could be getting out, while Carter had the mother of all melt-downs because he didn’t want to leave. Fun times these days!