August 15, 2015

      We headed out to dinners complete with arcade for Ryan and Nikki’s birthday celebration. <Lighting was reeeeaaaallly low, so my ISO is cranked. I didn’t bring a flash>

      BirthdayDinner-3603-3610 BirthdayDinner-3619 BirthdayDinner-3621 BirthdayDinner-3625-3636 BirthdayDinner-3628 BirthdayDinner-3647-3654 BirthdayDinner-3663-3668 BirthdayDinner-3675 BirthdayDinner-3681 BirthdayDinner-3684 BirthdayDinner-3697 BirthdayDinner-3711 BirthdayDinner-3720-3723 BirthdayDinner-3728



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