August 16, 2015

      First up was a gathering for lunch at the condo we rented. We got the BEST PHOTO BOMB ever when I was taking a photo of Mark and Ryan. There were all sorts of crazies out that day (queue photo of Nikki, Carter & Gavin)! After lunch we headed to tour the Blizzard offices to see where Mark works. The artwork (both paintings and huge figures within the lobbies) were absolutely stunning. The amount of talent left my jaw on the floor – it wasn’t just the raw talent to come up with these unique characters and settings, it was the amount of detail paid to every little component. Some very seriously inspiring work that gave me a whole new appreciation for video games. We ended the evening having a BBQ at the home of someone Mark works with who has a daughter in between Carter and Gavin’s age. She and Gavs were two little peas in a pod, playing the evening away in a fun little motorized Jeep.

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