Already another month down and what is scarier is that Gavin will be a year old next month. I cannot believe that.

      Here is the list of our favorite things, I am sure I forgot half of them!

      • Gavin is a talker – Jeremy will point to pictures on the wall and ask, “Who’s that?” and he will start chattering away in his own little language. We need to get video of it!
      • He is walking much better now. Not quite running yet, but he can stop and turn directions easily and only falls over when he is super tired.
      • CONSTANTLY climbing up onto the ledge in front of the fireplace. This is where we originally said, “No!” to him and he melted down looking like that photo from last week.
      • Dancing machine! Gavin particularly likes the theme song to Thomas the Train and will stop whatever he is doing to bounce up and down or sway side to side.
      • We are cutting down on his bottles now, so he is trying to figure out the sippy cup with whole milk. I think we had a breakthrough on it yesterday, but up until that point he wanted nothing to do with it.
      • He is also eating way more solid foods and is a Puff addict. I swear he would sit in his high chair and eat a whole package if we let him. Gavin doesn’t care for meats (he will spit them back out at you), but loves his fruits and tolerates the veggies. And I gave him egg the other day and he liked that!
      • Gavin is the easiest kid to put down to sleep – as long as he is tired enough. Our routine consists of laying him down in his dark room with his binkie, turning on his frog that lights up and has music and softly saying good night. That’s it. He lays there until he is asleep. It. Is. AWESOME.
      • Anytime he hears the dishwasher open or the pantry door open, that kid immediately appears to get into stuff. With the pantry, he will sit there and open and shut the door.
      • He loves to play peek-a-boo with anyone who will take the time. It is so cute to see him hide his face and then pop up with the biggest grin ever.
      • When you cheer, Gavin will clap his hands and put his arms up for touchdown (or yay!).

      And here is our little man this week: