Somehow this week got away from me and I didn’t realize we had already passed the 24th!  In true monthly birthday fashion, here is our list of favorite things about Carter:

      • Carter is fascinated with buckles –  lately we have lowered the high chair and Carter spends so much time trying to figure out how the buckles work.  He gets so engrossed he doesn’t ever bother the open dishwasher!
      • His latest trick is the grunting noises.  Sometimes they come with a present for us, sometimes he just likes to make the noises.
      • Carter has started climbing the first few stairs and then stands there and looks at us.  Each time he makes it safely back down, we all cheer and he claps for himself.
      • He has started trying to climb everything.  Again, I am SO GLAD I bought the tall gates, I think we are going to have our hands full!
      • We have started to sing “Old Mc Carter Had a Farm” and Carter responds with “Ee Ii” – SO CUTE.
      • Carter has figured out how to get onto his police bike rocking toy and he sites there and totally rocks out on it.
      • He is starting to snuggle more.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night and I need to rock him down, he will lay across my chest and snuggle up with me, it is so wonderful!
      • When Carter doesn’t get his way or if his is overly tired, he let’s us know what he thinks with his new scream-yell that sounds like someone dropped him on his head and he is dying.  Poor Grandpa got it the other day and didn’t know what he had done to warrant it!
      • When we sing the song that his 4wheeler plays when you push a button, Carter could be across the room playing with something else and he will stop, walk over to the 4Wheeler and press the button so the song we were singing will play.
      • Along those lines, he is really starting to draw correct associations – he put the nail clippers to his toes because he knows that daddy clips his toe nails, he will take his shoes and put them next to his feet because he knows that is where they go, when we ask him where Lucy is, he runs to her and tries to grab on (I swear this is why he has such good balance – he tries to hold onto her while she turns and runs away).
      • Carter is now drinking out of a sippy cup and we are down to 2 bottles a day
      • And finally, he has started drawing with crayons!  We took him out for lunch on Valentines day and he had a blast with the crayons!

      One more month until Carter is 1 Old Year – where did the time go?!?!


      WOWOW. I cannot believe all the things he is doing! Such a big boy! Can’t believe he’s almost a year old, either….

      Wow, ya better look out for grandpa Charles.

      And all the while I thought it was just because I used the dog’s shock collar on him. Who would have known?. – Grandpa –