Today I almost cried.  It was the first time I had to do a pass on Carter’s closet to remove the too small clothes and add the 3-6 month sized ones down to the area that we select from (granted these are still quite big for him, but it is better than the muscle shirt body builder look that he has in the too small onesies!).  He is getting so big – over 12 lbs now and is more and more amazing every day.

      Some of the things that Carter can do:

      • He smiles and recognizes Mommy and Daddy when he sees them – in fact tonight, he got really excited when Daddy got home from work and he saw him the first time, cooing and smiling!
      • He is doing the “superman” during tummy time where he pushes his chest off the floor and has his arms waving and feet kicking while holding his head up at an almost 90 degree angle
      • He starts to anticipate my loud kisses on his cheeks (a little game we play) – when he knows I am about to kiss him, he squints his eye on the cheek that I am about to kiss
      • He bats at his toys – today he spent about 45 minutes trying to catch a sun rattle that is hanging from his baby Einstein
      • He is developing preferences, likes, and dislikes – specifically around the baby Einstein.  There is music that plays with flashing lights and there are certain songs that he really likes and gets excited over and others that he doesn’t like so much.  You can tell by how excited and animated he gets when those songs play (or don’t)
      • His movement is becoming a lot more fluid and he is getting a lot stronger, especially his legs.  Today while he was in his crib while I was putting away his clothes he kicked so hard that I could hear his mattress bounce
      • He isn’t soiling his diaper in the middle of the night – we usually change him right before he goes down at night and lately he has been dry when he wakes up for his next feeding

      We also may have turned a corner with his sleep!  After 3-4 weeks of only 3 hour stretches at night, I think that we may have moved past it.  Friday night at the cabin, he had a 5.5 hour stretch and then a 3 hour stretch … Saturday night he had a 4.5 hour stretch and then a 3.5 hour stretch, Sunday night he had a 5 hour stretch, and Monday I played two soccer games and Jeremy fed him 5.5 ounces before bed and he had a 7 hour stretch!  Needless to say, we are now going to do bottles for his last feedings of the night so that we know how much food he got and we shall see if that will help keep him down longer.  This is fantastic (except for I now have to pump at least 2 really good times a day in order to get 5 ounces).  Trade off is longer sleep :-)