May 10, 2015

      Today is Mothers Day and what started out as “I just want to get the pond cleaned, work in the yard and have dinner taken care of” ended up being one of the nicest mothers days I have ever had. I got the pond cleaned, I bought 15 flats of petunias (I was waiting for a sale on them), I weeded the raspberry patch for a little while and then my brother called. Happy/sad news with this – my middle brother recently accepted a new dream job (happy!) …. job is in California (sad …). The whole family will be moved by the middle of June, but in the meantime my niece needed to pull together a video to showcase her abilities for a new cheer gym near where they will be located and they asked for our help.

      So next thing I knew he and Jeremy coordinated a dinner at our place, complete with the moms from both sides of the family. The guys took care of it all – Mark and Kim came bearing lots of additional food for everyone, we BBQ’d and the moms got to sit and relax. It was awesome not only because it was a wonderful mothers day, but because we have less than a month to do these impromptu dinners and we are taking advantage of it.

      I didn’t take too many photos this day (I was hard at work –by choice– for most of it). Here are a few of my gorgeous niece, one of my brother when I was messing around (its a good photo!), two of the moms, and the kids going around on the teeter totter as fast as they can (it’s a spinning one). Enjoy!