Ack – I missed publishing the 13 month list and we are now already at 14 months. EEK. Time is passing by WAY too fast these days!

      Here is what I had compiled for 13 months:

      • More teeth! Gavin looks like he is getting two of his top molars in right now, which has to be incredibly painful. I also saw the two teeth on the top next to his front teeth trying to cut through (so he has eight teeth total now). Looks like we will be having a fun month ahead of us.
      • “YYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!” I seriously need to get video of this – he will squat down and as he comes up he will yell, “YEAH!” and grin from ear to ear.
      • His inflection when he speaks is so sweet – a few weeks ago I got him to say “Aaaaaauuuunnnntteeeee” and he would say it in a sing-song voice.
      • Gavin is saying “Yah” and “Naw” regularly to questions, so communicating is getting a little easier. He still hasn’t picked up a lot of words yet, but I think we may be on the cusp of him starting to really nail a bunch.

      14 month list:

      • Gavin has started to whack on his big brother (monkey see, monkey do) and so we have been working on him being gentle. Each time he tries to hit Carter’s head, we stop him and say “Gentle” and show him what to do. Now Gavin says “Geeeentlllle” in the sweetest, cutest voice ever.
      • “TeeeeeTooooo” is thank you and he says it appropriately. Again, SO CUTE.
      • He waves his hands every time you say hello or goodbye.
      • Loves to high five people.
      • Gavin adores books – specifically his ABC book. He will point to the pages and say, “aaayyyeee” or “oooohh” We also have a puzzle from when I was a kid where each letter of my name is a puzzle piece. He likes the “I” and the “A” from that.
      • He can throw like a champ. He will take pretty much any toy and huck it with some force for such a little guy.
      • Gavin loves to rock out and dance when he hears music, his main grove of choice is going in a circle.
      • He LOVES the swing on the play set. He could sit in there for hours if you push him. And he can climb up the ladder to the platform all by himself.
      • Gavin is showing a very strong will – he will let you know what he does or doesn’t want pretty quickly, especially with food and what he doesn’t want to eat. Fun times ahead for us with TWO of them like that…
      • “Teeckyle teeckyle teeckyle” is another of his favorite phrases that he and Carter go back and forth with tickling each other and giggling.

      And here is how big our little man is getting. He still needs help getting on the chair, but once up there, he loves sitting like a big boy! He was also funny while he scrunched his face up a little as we were playing.




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