May 11, 2015

      Every Spring our pond needs a good cleaning from the winter storms where trees drop needles, leaves and whatever else in. Plus usually with the warmer weather algae starts to grow. Weeeellll… we had a warm winter around here. And a warm spring. And frogs in our pond. I didn’t want to clean it knowing there were tadpoles in there, but I finally got to a point where I could not handle it anymore. I had to turn the pump off because water couldn’t make it through the filters it was so clogged. And there was a green kelp-like algae on everything. It was disgusting. I mean, really really really disgusting.

      So todays photo story is the transformation it underwent from Sunday to Monday. I got it cleaned out and going on Sunday, but Monday morning the flow of the waterfall¬†was down to about half of what it had been the day prior. So there was a leak somewhere … I walked the perimeter of it and finally found where it was slowly seeping out at the side of the stream. Propped up a few rocks on the underside of the liner to contain the water and voila! Pond is clean, running strong and I have the satisfaction of knowing I did it and didn’t have to ask Jeremy for some help!