Yesterday was Carter’s 13 month birthday!  Just seemed like we hit the one year mark and we are already zooming through his second year.  He is changing so quickly and is so much fun, I honestly could not imagine my life without him.  To mark the occasion, here is a list of favorite things:

      • “bababababawawaawwowowow” Carter now just experiments with sounds and it is hysterical.  He looks like a fish because he puffs his cheeks out and his lower jaw goes a little slack.
      • We are now working on the concept of “No” and “No touch” after the weekend with the twins and Cora.  It is definitely a learned thing and he is still learning.  We chose the dog dishes as our first thing to be consistent with.  He does well when he is rested, not so well when he is tired.
      • I had the best morning ever when he said, “MomomomomomomEEEE” when I came downstairs.  A few new other words are “pancake”, “doggie”, “caw” (for coffee – and he totally knows how to operate the Keurig now by putting the k-cup in, closing the machine, and pressing the button).
      • He knows where his potty is and will go there when you ask him to (we have a little one in our powder room to introduce the concept).
      • He points to things when you ask him where things are (the sky, basketball hoop, the potty, etc).
      • He is an outdoor kid – biggest meltdowns he has over at Grandma and Grandpa’s are when they want to take him inside and he doesn’t want to go.
      • Carter can follow instructions (close the drawers, sit down, and even as complex as when he is playing with toys to ask him to find his football, get it, and bring it to you).
      • Since Carter understands what you are asking, if he doesn’t want to do it or doesn’t like it, he acts like a two year old and throws a tantrum.  He has a very strong will, knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like.  Um, this is earlier than I was expecting.  I thought we had until he was TWO!?!
      • He climbs up on the chair and tries to flip himself over the high edge (constantly giving us a heart attack – hence where “sit down please” comes from)
      • Carter tries to hide between the chairs and the walls, playing peek-a-boo or just to have fun
      • Carter has about three different kinds of dances – he stomps his feet excitedly, he rotates back and forth like the twist, and he bounces up and down – all hysterical
      • He runs laps around the kitchen and family room, especially when he is exhausted and doesn’t want to go to sleep.  And by running, I mean flat out RUNNING.  His little feet look like a cartoon.
      • And finally, he is the happiest kid.  My favorite thing is when he is doing something or watching something that he finds particularly funny and he will just start laughing.  Unprompted.  All by himself.  He has a good sense of humor!

      Today we have our first swim lesson.  I will post pictures later tonight and hope that it goes well.  Given that he loves to splash in the bathtub, I am thinking he will do fantastic.

      Here are a few photos from last weekend at the cabin:

      Hanging out in town, wearing my sunglasses:

      The guys all in a row:

      Geared up for our walk to the Midway – LOVING the backpack!

      The Peterson’s during our walk

      Made it to the Midway, happy about it!

      First milkshake, OH YEAH!

      Getting ready to head back!