September 12, 2015

      The majority of todays photos are courtesy my dad. But of course there is a story there.

      It was Carters first soccer game of the season and I had to coach. So I grabbed my set up, put on my 70-200 lens, brought my tripod (figuring he wouldn’t want to hand hold 10 pounds for an hour) and handed it off to him right before the game started. We miscommunicated. I shoot everything manual (love my exposure triangle!) and he is so used to his Sony, he didn’t think to check the set up. So he started shooting away at whatever I had the camera set at the last time I took photos (which was 1/200, F2.8, ISO 200). It is a sunny day. That is WWWWIIIDDDEEE open. Needless to say, pretty much all the photos were way overexposed and blown out. I pulled them into lightroom and tried to do some quick recovery so we had at least a handful. Then I am looking at them – the highs are blown out and the color just looks funky. So I switched them to black and white so that you were only assaulted by high¬†tonal contrast instead of wonky coloring. One issue prominent instead of two. The other issue was that was too big of a zoom lens for the field we were on and my poor dad got his exercise backing up and moving forward with the kids.

      And here is a good life lesson – we got photos. They weren’t perfect by any means (that is not a critique of my dad – it was miscommunication between us because he is a great photographer), but they captured the day and the memory. The first photo is Carter’s first goal (I thought Lucas scored it, but hey, Carter was excited about it). And there are some really fun shots throughout the game.

      The last shot is perfect light on Gavin and my dad inside Village Wines. We headed there for dinner following the game and they had live music and we had the. best. night. The boys had a great time and it was so much fun watching them interact with the musicians while we had a glass of wine. Or three :-)

      CarterSoccer-4241 CarterSoccer-4263 CarterSoccer-4281 CarterSoccer-4310 CarterSoccer-4400 CarterSoccer-4406 CarterSoccer-4447 CarterSoccer-4511 WineBar-181216



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