May 12, 2015

      There was so much anticipation for today because it was the first time that Gavin was going on a field trip. His preschool class headed out to Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue to meet Farmer Jayne and all the animals. Parents had to drop the kiddos off, so I was only able to get the photos of the kids running around excitedly as they waited for their teachers to arrive. I asked Gavin what his favorite animal was and without skipping a beat he informs me, “PIG!”

      Preschool_Field_trip-8728 Preschool_Field_trip-8734 Preschool_Field_trip-8735 Preschool_Field_trip-8738 Preschool_Field_trip-8742 Preschool_Field_trip-8745 Preschool_Field_trip-8746 Preschool_Field_trip-8755 Preschool_Field_trip-8757- Preschool_Field_trip-8765 Preschool_Field_trip-8767 Preschool_Field_trip-8768 Preschool_Field_trip-8773 Preschool_Field_trip-8777 Preschool_Field_trip-8780 Preschool_Field_trip-8782