Today marks Carter’s 14 month birthday – how the heck did that happen?  Seems like yesterday we just had his first birthday party and now he is well on the way to graduating from college.

      A list of our favorite things:

      • “No” is now his new favorite word … Funny, because we HARDLY ever say that word to him.  The great part is that 3/4 of the time he says “Yah” and “No” in the correct context.  The not-so-great part is when he is tired, he says that to everything.
      • He loves playing Great Grandma’s piano (we recently acquired my grandmothers 1920s piano that my great grandfather bought and eventually shipped to Washington to my grandmother after she married my grandfather).
      • Ready, Set, “GO!”  He loves saying go now.
      • Carter is accumulating information at a crazy rate – he knows where different body parts are, will point out the different animals in books, and will follow two to three step instructions.
      • We now have “That which must not be named” with Bananas … Carter is OBSESSED.  He will come downstairs in the morning and walk up to the counter where the banana’s are and start yelling, “NA! NA! NA! NA!” until you get him one.
      • Every day he is trying out new words, but sometimes gets stuck on the first syllables (“Na” Banana, “Ga” Grandpa, “Ca” Coffee, “Ta” Thomas the Train). 
      • He slides down our stairs backwards, but tries to walk down grandma’s and gives everyone a heart attack.
      • Carter is getting tall – this morning he was able to barely reach up and put a book on the counter-height table.
      • Still obsessed with buckles.
      • At the end of every day, I ask him if he is ready for bed and wants to go brush his teeth.  Usually he answers with “Yah!” and then walks over to the gate so I can let him through and then goes upstairs to the bathroom so we can brush his teeth.  And he is really great about letting us brush his teeth.
      • He knows where his potty is – if we catch him in the act, we ask if he wants to go to his potty and he will go to the bathroom and proceed to try to stand on his kid toilet.
      • Carter is starting to try to throw a ball – specifically his basketball through the hoop.
      • He is starting to hang out in his crib without freaking out – making noises, talking to his stuffed animals.
      • Mealtimes are becoming more difficult – he is getting finicky about what he likes and we think he is teething because he always has a hand in his mouth right now.

      This last weekend was extremely busy.  From 7-9pm on friday night I finished up the dirt pile in our driveway.  It lasted a good week longer than I would have liked and the dirt was more like mud (very heavy) because of all the rain last week.  I then ran 8 miles Saturday morning with Sheryl – I haven’t gone on a long run in about 4 weeks so that was painful.  Then I pressure washed our driveway and sidewalks for 6 hours.  Can you say E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D?? 

      Saturday night we decided we should go look at refrigerators because we are finding we could really use the extra space.  We have been wanting to buy a stainless steel one (slowly converting our kitchen to stainless steel) and the one that we have freezes our lettuce in the fridge.  Anyway, we looked at a bunch of different ones and landed on a Samsung that is 29 cubic feet and had the most versatile layout.  Selling factor: easy to move shelves for tall items … HULLO.  I like chilled white wine and don’t want it to spill once it is open!  We originally were going to get counter depth, but given the wall that is right next to the fridge, it makes no sense.

      So knowing we were going to get a new fridge, that meant that we needed to get the garage cleaned out.  Sunday morning during Carters first nap, we ended up cleaning and moving things in our garage so that there is space for our old fridge.  The garage looks SO much better and I can get my car in it again. 

      Up this next week – I am taking friday off and planting the yard.  Come May 31st I am DONE!  I will take photos before I start planting and then afterwards.  Then all the phases will be documented.

      Here is Mr. 14 Old Months today:



      Those eyes are just unbelievable. You have been so busy it makes me want to go to bed early just reading about it. NA. NA. NA. NA He has you fooled – he is just practicing for the next time he sees ME! (OF COURSE THERE WILL BE A BANANA IN MY HAND).


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