September 24, 2015

      I have recently noticed that I have been leaving my camera behind more and more lately. I haven’t wanted to lug it with me – I LOVE my camera, but it is heavy, huge and I can’t easily just throw it into a purse or a bag. I took our point and shoot to Disneyland and barely used it because it was difficult to control the way that I am used to (I don’t like to just point and shoot anymore). So last weekend at the GPP conference, I started taking a look at the Fuji cameras. I don’t know how to describe these cameras … they feel like old film cameras. There is just something about how they sit in your hand, their build quality is stellar and they are so small. So I kicked around the idea of getting one…

      Fast forward to Jeremy telling me to just stop talking about what to do, make a decision and get one. I ended up with the Fuji x100T. I didn’t want to duplicate my canon set up, but I wanted something with control to throw in my purse and take everywhere with me. This camera is awesome. It has a fixed 23mm lens on a crop sensor (so basically 35mm) and so many fun creative options with film simulation modes.

      So here is my first test run with it. I shot only jpg and messed around with the film simulations so some of the pictures are using the Velvia are super saturated versus others. But it works cause the kids are on a brightly colored playground. I barely did any processing on any of these photos (my normal workflow with RAW requires a bit and I am trying to streamline and speed it up with my personal collection). Anyway, it was fun, I still have a ton to learn, but overall I am super happy with it!
      PreschoolAfterSchool-1PreschoolAfterSchool2-0128PreschoolAfterSchool-2PreschoolAfterSchool2-0101 PreschoolAfterSchool-4 PreschoolAfterSchool2-0134 PreschoolAfterSchool2-0107 PreschoolAfterSchool2-0110 PreschoolAfterSchool-3 PreschoolAfterSchool2-0116 PreschoolAfterSchool2-0121PreschoolAfterSchool2-0132 PreschoolAfterSchool2-0144



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