May 13, 2015

      I did something a little different for this days photos by bringing my off camera flash set-up to our monthly Mom’s Night out. I am still experimenting with how to get the best lighting out of a situation and all the moms were great sports by helping hold the flash and being my models while I got some portraits of everyone. The Wild Vine Bistro was super dark, so it was fun trying to figure out the best bounce off the walls/ceiling to get the nicest photo. Plus it was interesting to work with my camera in that low of light – it did wonderfully finding auto focus in that dim situation using a shallow depth of field.

      Thanks to all the moms for their help with holding things as well as posing (And thanks Jeana for getting one with me in the frame). Looking forward to next month!

      MomsNight_8816- MomsNight_8822- MomsNight_8829- MomsNight_8838- MomsNight_8842- MomsNight_8845- MomsNight_8848-