I can’t believe that Gavin is already 15 months old. I know that I say this every time, but holy cow, time sure has flown by.

      We went to his 15 month appointment and here are his stats:
      Height: 32.3”, 80th percentile (at 12 months he was 30 7/8ths”, 80th percentile) 
      Weight: 23lbs, 11.5oz, 40th percentile (at 12 months he was 22lbs, 9.5oz, 45th percentile)
      Head: 19”, 80th percentile (at 12 months he was 18.8”, 80th percentile)

      So he grew a little over an inch and gained a little over a pound. He continues to be tall and skinny, but the doctor said that given his activity level I shouldn’t be worried about his weight. He is just burning things off as he continues to develop his coordination. She was impressed with the number of words that he has and how coordinated he is, so all and all a good appointment

      And here is our list of favorite things for him:

      • Words that I can remember now include who’s that, mama, dada, wow, auntie, hello, thank you (tee too), gentle, tickle tickle tickle, ugg (hug), yah, and no. Oh, and "Ahjuka" – no idea what that means, but he always says it.
      • The high chair is basically gone now. He wants to sit at the table for everything and gets mad when you put him in there. Only problem is that he tries to climb on the table half the time….
      • Gavin is trying to eat with a fork by himself. He likes to stab his food, lol. He is still trying to figure out the spoon.
      • He is climbing EVERYTHING. Here is another point where sometimes I wish we had carpet everywhere.
      • His fine motor coordination is really starting to build – he is getting really good at putting shapes into the right area in some of him toys.
      • He loves his big brother, even when he flinches every time Carter comes up to him. Gavin always wants to follow Carter and play. This month for the first time I heard, "Mom, get Gavin out of my room!" ahhh, the beginning….
      • Still very easy to put down for naps and bed – Crossing my fingers this sticks cause I can only deal with one kid having issues in this department at a time.
      • Can walk up the stairs with help – he is finally getting tall enough to take the steps if he is holding someone’s hand.
      • I can leave him on his own throughout the house with less worry. We still have everything baby proofed for the most part, but I am getting to the point where I don’t feel like I have to watch him like a hawk every second.
      • Just a very happy kid! Always has a smile and is in a good mood.
      • He gives hugs and kisses – kisses include putting his slobbery open mouth on you and hugs include him leaning in with his head saying, “Uggggg.”
      • He loves opening and closing the drawers in the kitchen. My pots and pans are no longer safe.
      • Gavin has recently started carrying around his blanket when he is tired. He totally looks like Linus.



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