Not sure how this happened, but Carter hit his 15 month birthday last week!  He is rapidly changing every day and time is flying by. 

      From Carters 15 month Doctors Appointment:
      Height: 31.125” (50th percentile) (12 mo checkup he was 30.25”, 70%)
      Weight: 24lbs, 8oz (50nd percentile) (12 mo checkup he was 23lbs, 52%)
      Head: 47.6cm (70th percentile) (12 mo checkup he was 47cm, 70%)

      The doctor was really impressed with the number of words Carter can say and how well he communicates.  Usually by the 19 month appointment, she asks parents to work on having 20-50 words, but she said we should bump that up.  My goal: small sentences! haha, we shall see… She wants us to continue to work on his dexterity, so throwing a ball overhand, coloring, puzzles, etc. and also to actually start potty training him by putting him on the toilet two times a day.  Again, don’t expect miracles, but he needs to get comfortable with it and it will make it easier.  She was really surprised to hear that he was understanding colors – Carter is still hit and miss with it, but it is progress.

      Here is a list of our favorite things …

      • Trying out pretty much any word we throw at him – though he tends to get stuck on one syllable once he knows the word.
      • Carter will laugh when other people laugh, adding to the funniness – he thinks it is funny too.
      • He is a dancing machine and his moves are getting even better; he was showing them off in the grocery store in Leavenworth and got a few ladies to go “side to side” with him.
      • The four-tooth grin steals everyone’s heart … still waiting for more teeth though, he seems to be stuck at four.
      • He loves to spin and stomp while standing on a plastic container (it made us nervous at first).  Oh and he just started to cover his eyes and spin around, not sure where he got that!
      • Auntie Sandy’s favorite moment from the weekend is when he bent over and farted and then he started cracking up ‘cause what boy doesn’t think farts are funny?
      • Carter is giving the BEST hugs now – it all started with daddy telling him “head down” when we would take him to bed and he had to put his head on your shoulder.  My non-cuddly kid is now turning way more cuddly.
      • He is now starting to throw temper tantrums – latest one was when he was playing in the fountain at the Neir’s cabin and we took him from the water.  Legs were kicking, he was screaming, and Jeremy and I wondered who took over our child.
      • He is drawing associations that continue to astound us.  The morning we were packing for he cabin, he ran into a different room and I asked, “Are you exploring?”  He responded with “DORA!” clear as day.  Of course he would, because she is “Dora the Explorer” … sometimes he scares me.
      • Carter knows “ABC” and “123” and is starting to when to use them – when he was at school he was looking at some letters and goes “C D” and when the teacher said “ONE” and got distracted, Carter softly said “Two” after a bit.
      • Our favorite words to try to get him to say are “Avocado” and “Motorcycle” – Video of Avocado is below.
      • He uses Yes and No in the correct context, which has made communicating with him SO MUCH easier.
      • Carter is doing awesome with his animal noises too – everyone loves to hear them!
      • He says “Phone” very clearly and loves playing with the iphone and melts down when you don’t give it to him.

      Here is Carter saying “Avocado”: