October 4, 2015

      We headed down to Butler’s Farm today to celebrate Nana’s birthday and to help with the annual fall apple pressing. I have never seen an apple press before and it was so much fun (and hard work that I was sore for days over) – you basically feed the apples through a grinder and the remains get dumped into a barrel where you press a lid down onto them and the juice squeezes out. I hope Papa isn’t cringing at my very non-technical description, haha. The cider tastes AMAZING.

      My parents joined us so that we could see Nana’s garden (next summer she is going to be featured in a garden tour!) and to enjoy the fall day. The boys had a blast, they found some harmonica’s so our apple pressing time was set to a tune and everyone helped out. Big thanks to my mom for getting a couple of photos of me in there too.

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