UGH I am behind! This summer has been a busy one where I haven’t taken photos, I haven’t been keeping the blog updated, and my kids are growing like weeds. I missed the 16 month list for Gavin, so this will be a combo list for the last two months.

      • “Uh Oh” “Oh No” are two phrases that we hear a lot now. If he drops something, he will say that. Something happens that he didn’t mean, he says that. So funny.
      • CLIMBS EVERYTHING STILL. I have a lot of grey hair now, which is why I will be staying blonde for some time. Gavin has taken to climbing up the back of our recliners and perching at the tippity top, then laughing when you shriek no and run to him. Or he will climb from the built in seat at the table onto the counter. Or the stool, onto the island. Or from the chair onto the table. Oh and the best one – he climbs up onto a small table, then onto the top of the cabinets in the play room (a good 3.5 feet in the air).
      • He is now hitting when he gets frustrated. I think we can thank his older brother for this.
      • He has a lot of words – Grandpa, Papa, Ourtar (Carter), Backpack (he says this really clearly), Ot (hot), apple, cracker, more – he will pretty much try any word you give to him. Except Grandma (muhhahahaha, poor Grandma).
      • Gavin loves following Carter around and mimicking him. Or other people. At my soccer game last week, a guy was doing a lunge stretch and Gavin walked up to him, looked at him, then turned around and tried to lunge.
      • The last two months were big physical milestones for him – he grew a lot and leaned out, as well as got in about 4-6 teeth. We had a fun couple of weeks there with him crying at night.
      • He likes to throw his food and plate and cup and fork. It makes for a happy mommy trying to keep the kitchen clean.
      • Gavin loves to fist bump with explosions – he thinks it’s pretty funny and will put his fist out to you all the time.
      • When he is hungry, he will go into the pantry and try to pick out food to bring to you to eat.
      • For the first time ever we saw what overly-exhausted Gavin looked like – we had a long day on Tuesday and he didn’t have a nap until 4:30 and it only lasted about a half hour in the car. He woke up when we got home so I let him out to wander around, figuring we would feed him and put him down for the night. Except he just walked around screaming and crying. Every time you would try to go pick him up to comfort him, he would run away from you and hide, screaming bloody murder. He wanted nothing, I mean NOTHING, to do with either Jeremy or I. I finally just put him in his crib where he slept for another half hour, then was totally fine. Um, Yeah.
      • Gavin loves stuffed animals and specific blankets– he snuggles with them and hugs them, especially when he is tired. A-DOR-ABLE.
      • Part of the teething has made him more attached to his binkie, which I know I am going to have to deal with later and it is not going to be fun. He has found an alternative though when I pull it out of his mouth. He now walks around chewing on a toothbrush, lol. We had probably 12 kids toothbrushes and they are now scattered all over our house.
      • Probably the most noticeable change in Gavin is the intensity of his feelings. When he is happy, he is HAPPY. When he is mad, he is MAD. This is often noted by his happy shrieks of “YEAH” and stomping his feet excitedly. Or his downright shrieks of displeasure and crying as he throws himself on the floor because he is upset.

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