Carter hit his 16-month birthday over the weekend, so it is time for a new list! Before we get started though, Jeremy and I were talking about how he has slowed down his progress of “firsts” in the last few months. Becoming mobile was huge, noticing new things, talking, now that he does all of that, he just does funny things with them!

      • “MO! MO! MO! MO! MO!” Is what he yells anytime he thinks he sees, OR HEARS, a motorcycle, or engine of any kind
      • We have resorted to bribing him with using the iphone if he sits on the potty – it is the only way we can get him to sit still for any period of time
      • The phone game on the iphone shows a series of letters that you have to move into the correct order to make a word – he has already figured it out
      • He has peed a couple of times on the potty! Obviously it isn’t intentional, but hey, we take what we can get!
      • Carter is starting to pick up second syllables slowly (“WaWa” for water, “Oh MAN!” when something happens), and keeps expanding his vocabulary (“Gra” for Grandma, “oink” for a pig)
      • He seems to enjoy running laps, either around you or around the whole kitchen
      • He loves to climb the bar stools and sit there, this morning he sat and watched cartoons
      • Carter loves to climb on his kids picnic table and jump off if there is someone there to catch him (and yes, we have tested this statement)
      • He says “Stop” and “Go” when we are in the car and have stopped or just started
      • OBSESSED with buttons, his newest object of attention are the new external keypads for the garage door openers and he melts down if he can’t play with them
      • We have moved past only being able to watch Nemo to now include Cars, Monsters Inc, and Shrek

      That is it for now – I am sure we will think of more later and I will add them in.