October 15, 2015

      Today we did a spur of the moment trip to the pumpkin patch with Gavin and two of his little girlfriends from school. They had a great time running around and exploring and I caught a ton of fun photos of the kids. And there is nothing like the harsh midday sun to wreak havoc on the photos in the pumpkin patch … thankfully the kids played in the shade a little too, so I was able to get a few cute ones without the squinting or just the backs of their heads, haha. Enjoy!

      <Photos are low resolution to reduce load time>

      PumpkinPatch-4989PumpkinPatch-01PumpkinPatch-02PumpkinPatch-03PumpkinPatch-5023PumpkinPatch-04PumpkinPatch-06PumpkinPatch-05PumpkinPatch-5072PumpkinPatch-5043PumpkinPatch-08PumpkinPatch-5054PumpkinPatch-5068PumpkinPatch-5085 PumpkinPatch-5075 PumpkinPatch-5074PumpkinPatch-09 PumpkinPatch-5061PumpkinPatch-5094PumpkinPatch-5097 PumpkinPatch-5090 PumpkinPatch-10PumpkinPatch-14 PumpkinPatch-13 PumpkinPatch-12PumpkinPatch-11PumpkinPatch-5138 PumpkinPatch-5137PumpkinPatch-17 PumpkinPatch-16 PumpkinPatch-15PumpkinPatch-22PumpkinPatch-5190PumpkinPatch-5192PumpkinPatch-5194PumpkinPatch-21PumpkinPatch-5189PumpkinPatch-20PumpkinPatch-5201PumpkinPatch-18PumpkinPatch-5223PumpkinPatch-23