Where to start… Well, I lost 5.2 pounds total, which is pretty great. The diet is easy to follow, though I came to the conclusion that for me this is going to be a lifestyle change, meaning that I can’t follow something super strict when I am going to dinner at people’s houses or even entertaining at my own home. With that, I adopted an 80/20 rule that I will continue on. Eight percent of the time I will follow the principles set forth with this specific diet. Twenty percent of the time I am going to just live my life. To me, that is a realistic approach to healthy living in general. I will still shed weight, it just may not be at as rapid of a pace. And honestly right now, I am running a lot and this diet specifically called out  the first 17 days should not be accompanied with vigorous exercise. Oops.

      And on that note – I am tracking very well with my running this week. Monday morning I got up at the crack of dawn to get a three mile run in, Wednesday I went down to the old ‘hood with my dad to do four miles on the Soos Creek Trail (that is where I did all my previous half marathon training), and today he and I did three miles from my place. Grandpa soon realized how hilly it is around here. We have five miles on tap for Saturday morning early and I am going to get some of the interior of the house painted this weekend. I will post before and after photos of that.


      5.2 lbs is really great – congrats! It is a lifestyle change, and I will maintain that as you get into it more and more, it will be less 80/20 and more just “life.” When I started the big eating shift, I did 80/20, and that worked great. Over time, I’m more like 90/10.

      Can’t wait to see your photos! :)