We missed Carter’s 17 month birthday this last week, but better late than never:

      • He is now using two to four word “sentences” – last week with Grandma he said, “I stink garbage truck” to talk about the Scholastic video that he loves called I Stink and it is about a garbage truck. Highly recommend it. Oh also, “I see” when he wants to see something or “No <fill in the blank>” when he doesn’t want something.
      • Carter is now is playing with trucks/cars like they should be played with – by rolling them around on the ground, counters, any surface possible.
      • Climbing EVERYTHING – including trying to get to the top of the upright piano when we got home from vacation (that would be a good 5 feet in the air) and actually getting out of his pack-n-play.
      • He cannot go to sleep without his big giraffe and GIANT Elmo (seriously – it is bigger than he is).
      • Went on a motorcycle ride with Daddy up at the cabin and knows that he has to put on a helmet – to the point of when he gets on his little tricycle he asks for a helmet (which right now is a small colander he puts upside down on his head).
      • He is getting snugglier – he will give hugs goodnight and likes to snuggle in the mornings right after he wakes up. Mommy LOVES this.
      • Carter is getting to be a pickier eater and not eating as much. He used to eat quite a bit for breakfast and dinner each day, but it seems like he is slowing down now and isn’t as interested in food at all. I had heard this happens as they get closer to two…
      • He now enjoys running in circles while looking up – he is pretty silly looking when he does that!
      • And one of my favorite things is when you make a kissing noise, he will lean his head over to receive a kiss.

      Each month is going by faster and faster – I can’t believe he is almost 18 months old, which has always felt like a significant milestone. We are signing him up for the “Beastie/Super Beastie” class at the Little Gym, where it will combine kids from 19 months to 3 years old, which is fantastic. Since Carter has been on the more physically coordinated side, having him in classes for his age hasn’t been very challenging for him. It will be great to get him into one where there are older kids – I am really curious to see how he does!

      In the meantime, it is starting to feel like fall around here – we had a cold front head our way and it is chilly outside in the mornings now and it isn’t getting super warm during the day either (we are back to the mid-60s). I heard that we are going to have another la nina winter this year – the last one we had I was pregnant with Carter. I had such a hard time dealing with driving in the snow while pregnant, that I pretty much guaranteed a la nina winter this year (because that is how my luck always plays out).

      We are going to pull out the fall decorations this weekend – we may or may not put them up yet, I haven’t decided and it depends on how much free time I end up with. We are meeting Denise, March, Domenic, and Cole at the races today (which will be really fun – thanks again to Nana for the tickets!) and I have a Sangria party tonight with the neighborhood moms. And tomorrow is Nikki’s birthday party – 8 old years, how the heck did that happen?? Anyway, no rest for the wicked!



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