October 22, 2015

      I am finding it more and more important these days to just slow down and take the time to actually see everything around me. This is such a busy time of year and it is so easy to get into the habit of “let’s rush here” and “gotta get there” that so many gorgeous scenes go completely unnoticed. And it was on the way to pick Carter up from school where I spied two beautiful white horses in a pasture along the side of the road. I drive this road every.single.week.day. and never noticed them until now. It was lovely outside, so I pulled over and Gavin and I got out of the car and took a few minutes to say hello and get a couple of pictures. Now every day we look to see if the horses are out and I am so glad that we live in an area where that is our commute.

      Horse-0606 Horse-0609 Horse-0611