To say I have been a slacker in this department seems to be an understatement. We have been so busy, I know, I know, excuses, excuses.

      Gavin has changed so much in the last three months. I think it is safe to say his learning curve is on the exponential side right now where every month he knows exponentially more than the previous one. He went from a good handful of words to pretty much trying to say everything, including way more phrases.

      We are starting to see small glimpses of what the terrible twos are going to be like – he has an evil look that he will give you when he doesn’t get his way and will flip out. Fun times ahead of us … Our wonderful child is soon to be possessed with what I affectionately refer to as “the toddler demon.”

      So here is a list of the things that Gavin has done (most of them will be recent because I can’t think back a week, let alone three months):

      • “BINKIE DOWN!” Gavin says that every time he drops his binkie. And in the last week we have left it in the crib, so he only uses it when he naps and at night … PROGRESS!! His other must-have for sleeping is Boo Kitty, a little stuffed kitty I got him for Halloween.
      • He has moved from crying when he wakes up to calling “MOMMY!” and if I don’t come in, he switches to, “DA-DEE!” and keeps going back and forth until someone gets him. 
      • After Halloween, he goes into the pantry and points to the shelf where his candy bag is and starts saying “CANNY!” until you remove him.
      • Gavin loves books – I will read them and every time I finish he flips it over and tells me, “Again.” His books of choice currently are the Duck and Goose ones – he loves finding a pumpkin and getting ready for Christmas. Goodnight Moon and Chugga Chugga Choo Choo are also bedtime favorites.
      • He and Carter are starting to play with each other more and more every day. They run laps through the kitchen, family room, entry, living room and dining room for a half hour easily. And when they are playing this chasing game, he always giggles and says, “Catch you!” and “Running!” and “Ready! Set! Go!”
      • Gavin tries to do sound effect on the pretend guns, cars, trucks, or whatever he is playing with or mimics the sounds you make while playing with him.
      • He is a crazy jumper – he can clear both feet off the ground when he jumps and loves the small (and big) trampoline.
      • Gavin’s favorite thing right now is “A Little Curious” on HBO. Every morning when he wakes up and you go in to get him, he starts saying “Bob the Ball!” (his favorite character).
      • When any show ends he always yells, “XBOX! NEXT!” Ummmm, yeah. We do a lot of Netflix…
      • He knows his ABCs and will sing them to you and knows all the different letters when looking at them. Plus he easily counts to twelve and then still gets hung up on eighteen after that (reminds me that we need to work on that one!). My favorite letters are “L” and “R” – with both he basically looks like he is throwing up because he tongue comes out of his mouth to make the sound.
      • Still flinches every time Carter comes at him quickly. But as with the post the other day, he is starting to fight back. I am pretty sure the next three months are going to usher in game-changing behavior and I am going to be a referee more often than not.
      • If you ask him to do something, he always responds with the cutest “Ooooh Kaaaaay!” or an enthusiastic “YAH!”
      • We are still lucky in that he is a happy kid 90% of the time – he gives you the cutest grins, funniest looks, and is just an all around joy.

      And here is our man:



      I can do most of that stuff too. Sometimes.

      He is sooooo cute Lisa!


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