Okay, so I was a total slacker last month and didn’t get Carters list of tricks posted – however I did create one! So this post is going to be long, encompassing two lists; 18 month tricks and 19 month tricks.

      18 Old Months

      • Carter can count to ten, but always misses five.
      • He loves taking a "Quick Walk" with Lucy, especially when he can run on the sidewalk too.
      • When he watches "The Great Pumpkin" he gets a little freaked out when Snoopy pretends to be a world war II fighter pilot on his doghouse – Carter needs to snuggle for that scene.
      • Carter and I have a funny way of saying, "NAAAOOOOO" that we developed when driving home each day. I would ask him, "Who is at home?" and any time he tried to answer with someone who wasn’t there, we would laugh and both shake our head and go, "NAAAOOOO".
      • The teeth keep coming up, then retracting, then coming up again – I can only imagine how painful it is and he always has something in his mouth.
      • He has to "see" the cupboard with all his food in it – he will take your hand and lead you to the front of the cupboard and point and say, "I See!"
      • He is starting to play with other kids, instead of side-by-side.
      • He has become a much more finicky eater now – he isn’t eating as much and won’t eat if he doesn’t like it.
      • When we drive anywhere, he has to take off his shoes and socks in the car and will scream if he has trouble removing them.

      19 Old Months

      • Carter can now count to 12, then misses a few, then gets sorta to 18, 19, and 20 (he knows what they are, but has trouble saying them).
      • He knows about 2/3rds of the ABCs – when we say them, he says a letter, then we repeat it.  If he misses a letter, we say the missing letter until we get to the letter he keeps saying. For Instance: Carter: “L” Me: “L”, Carter: “O” Me “M”, Carter: “O” Me: “N”, Carter: “O” Me: “O” and then we move on.
      • Green is now his favorite color – he will rip clothes off the hangers in his closet until he finds the green shirt he wants to wear.
      • He knows his colors – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Black, and Purple.
      • He now chatters through everything – about half of what he says makes sense, but the other half we honestly have no idea. But he isn’t talking to us, so he doesn’t care.
      • He will try pretty much any word you throw at him and we are working on getting him to enunciate better. He is doing a lot better, but we still have a long way to go. We can understand 3/4 of what he says, but that is just because we know how to decipher.
      • He is very opinionated on where you have to sit – if you are sitting in a spot he wants to sit in, he will take your hand and move you away from that spot. Or if he wants you to sit in a particular spot, he will point to it and say, “SIT!”
      • When we wipe off his hands and face after he is done eating, he tells us to “Wipe Toes” and we have to wipe off his toes (I have NO idea where he got this from!).
      • If he puts his little step stool under the light switch, he will sit there and turn the lights on and off, but prefer to keep them off. This makes making dinner extremely difficult.
      • And finally – he has moved into his big boy bed and it only took about two weeks for him to decide it is way more comfortable to sleep ON the bed instead of on the floor next to it.


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