October 26, 2015

      Oh Monday mornings. You and I have such a love/hate relationship! I love that moment when I get home after dropping kids off and the house is SILENT. But I do hate that our weekend of fun and family time is over.

      This Monday I looked at a pile of paperwork that had been accumulating since probably mid September. I am amazed at how much the kids bring home with them from school each day. I am pretty good at throwing out the *ahem* “not as meaningful stuff,” but I do get behind on all the notices from the teachers, requests for money/book orders/enter anything else here. So I combed through my email, pulled up the calendar, made it through that giant pile of cra … I mean stuff … and now have my cubby back in working order without things spilling out of it. Plus I finally can breath a sigh of relief when I show up anywhere because I know for sure I didn’t forget something. I am so glad this will last until this afternoon when the kids come home from school again and dump more on me … sigh.