October 29, 2015

      This post is a two-parter. The first part is about the great cookie debacle … I was on tap to make cookies for Carter’s class to decorate the next day for their Halloween party. I made the dough last night and then rolled out the cookies, got them on the sheets and started baking them. I realized quickly that I had BARELY enough dough to get one cookie per kid out of the batch I made. I pulled the first cookie sheet out, went to scoop the cookies off and half of them stuck. Not just a little bit. Like broke in half, crumbled everywhere, stuck. The next cookie sheet – same thing.

      Now I am frantic because I don’t have enough dough to get a cookie for every kid. I run to the store and buy the remaining three refrigerator cookie dough packs, hoping this will work. I get home, roll it out, cut them, but this time I decide to just cook one full sheet before doing more. Boy am I glad I did that – the cookies spread out, not retaining their shape at all. And then they stuck to my cookie sheets again.

      So I took my last three sticks of butter and made a double batch of my cookie dough to refrigerate overnight. That means I have to get up at 5am to make cookies before the kids head to school. Oh the things we do (I sprayed the cookie sheets with PAM before putting the cookies on them and they turned out perfect).

      Second part to the post – we bought the Gruffalo for Gavin and Carter read it to him at the table. Such a good big brother sometimes ;-)

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