October 30, 2015

      Day before Halloween … on a Friday no less. This morning was crazy with kid parties. Jeremy and I had to divide and conquer because the boys parties were at the exact same time. I headed to Gavin’s preschool to take some fun photos of all the kids and here are the ones of Gavin.

      GavinHalloweenParty-5436- GavinHalloweenParty-5436-5507 GavinHalloweenParty-vert GavinHalloweenParty-5436-5541 GavinHalloweenParty-5436-5543 GavinHalloweenParty-5436-5558 GavinHalloweenParty-5436-5617 GavinHalloweenParty-5436-5625 GavinHalloweenParty-5436-5657 GavinHalloweenParty-5436-5686