November 12, 2015

      Oh today. You were a doozey.

      Gavin fell at the playground. He fell into a metal bar and knocked one of his front teeth loose and cut his lip pretty badly. There was a lot of blood. I mean a LOT of blood. And his tooth was shoved backwards a little bit. And oh how he cried and I tried not to cry with him.

      I called the dentist and couldn’t get an appointment to see them until Monday. There isn’t much you can do for a tooth that is loose – apparently the gum will reattach to it. But they do need to get an x-ray to see if there is damage to the roots and we were told you were on a “soft diet” until Monday. So off we went to the store to buy him as much soft foods as we could and he cried some more because he really wanted a “grown up tooth” to come in there since it was loose.

      Once we got home, I gave him some Tylenol because it hurt and out he went … my poor little guy!!




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