Taking a quick lunchtime break to do a post that I am late on (again!). This last month of changes has actually been pretty staggering for Carter – where in the past his motor skills have always been crazy, this month it was his cognitive and emotional development that has been blowing us away. So here is a list of our favorite things:

      • Carter LOVES puzzles (the larger board kind). Early in the month when we started playing with them, you would have to set a piece up so he would just need to barely wiggle it into place. Now he does them by himself, looking at the colors and pictures, turning the pieces so that they fit.
      • He knows the entire alphabet and will point to any letter and tell you what it is without a problem.
      • He is consistently using 2-3 words at a time, if not more, and will pretty much say anything you ask him to.
      • We are working on enunciating; “Pu” was “Puzzle” and now we get “Pu-ZZLE” in a crazy raspy voice, but hey, he says it. And now he says, “Mom-me” and “Dad-de” very deliberately. Though we still have “Woo” for “Lou” – we need to work on his L’s.
      • He started pretending! At the beginning of the month, he would pretend to go pick something up to eat it and then he would pick up more and give it to mommy or daddy to eat. I have a feeling he is going to have an active imagination.
      • He imitates people now … well after the fact. The other day, he threw a ball and it hit his package of wipes and made a loud noise. His response was to walk up to it saying, “CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!” (uhhh…I am blaming this one on Grandma, even though I *might* be a little guilty too). He also has started saying “sorry” after he does something he knows he is not supposed to (apparently Grandma says it a lot in a different context, “I am sorry you can’t have this…” type of thing)
      • He is going through a shy phase, mainly with people when he first is in a new situation, where he will turn his face into you so he can hide. Last week with Jeremy, he didn’t want Jeremy to watch us playing with a quarter on the floor and came and hid on me until Jeremy stopped watching.
      • He has started to really show the signs of his feelings being hurt – we were loading the dishwasher when Carter took a dirty spoon and put it back into the silverware drawer when Jeremy said, “Carter Nooo!” loudly, trying to head him off. Carter ran to me and needed to be hugged because he was meaning to be helpful and it hurt his feelings that he wasn’t.
      • He can throw a ball – REALLY throw a ball, as in a good 5-6 feet from him with purpose.
      • He LOVES playing with the small bouncy balls at Grandma’s house, where he will sit on the stairs and throw them down to Grandma so they bounce on the hardwood floor. Apparently they do this for hours every day.
      • Carter is really starting to play with Lucy and Kati a lot – he loves playing ball with Kati and grabbing Lucy’s toys and running to make her chase him.
      • He likes when Jeremy draws ‘DADDY’ or ‘CARTER’ or ‘MOMMY’, and when Jeremy ask him how to spell CARTER, he yells   ‘C’ – ‘P’ – E-R-O-T, and a bunch of other random letters, and then yells ‘DADDY’
      • He pretty much will only feed himself (wants nothing to do with us) and loves “Juice Water” (we mix a little juice with a lot of water). Oh and he’s been drinking out of Juice Boxes.
      • He is getting more clingy with his Giraffe, and doesn’t care about Elmo nearly as much anymore (used to be all about Elmo).
      • And one of our favorites, Carter yells ‘Todd’ anytime he see’s a Mike’s, or when anyone uses a Koozie (oh Todd … you’re getting totally called out by a 20 month old!!)