I have been terrible about keeping everyone up to date on where K2 is at. Today I hit the 20 week mark, we are half way there! The baby is now 10.5 oz and 10 inches long from head to heel (about the length of a banana). I have felt this one do flip flops much earlier than I ever felt Carter – in fact, I don’t remember Carter being this active this early. I know I felt him around the 18-19 week mark, but then there was not a lot of activity for awhile. K2 enjoys doing somersaults and it is freaking me out that I am going to have two crazily active kids. I am still feeling good, am DEFINITELY showing (I will take a photo tomorrow), and have gained probably around 10 lbs at this point (which is within the normal range, but doesn’t make me happy).

      We had an extremely stormy Sunday today – I hung the chimes that Grandma got me for my Christmas present and birthday present from last year (we always say we will go shopping together, but never manage to actually get presents for one another!). We found these at a shop in Leavenworth and they sound so lovely – I have enjoyed the wind all day today.

      It was nice to have a day without plans – all three of us staying in our PJs and watched football. I made some cut out cookies for Halloween – I will take pictures of those next weekend when I decorate them (they are in the freezer for now). The only thing that would have made the day perfect would be Carter sleeping for more than 45 minutes. Yup, that’s right. One nap for only 45 minutes. Boy has this afternoon and evening been a complete treat!



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