I tagged along with Mark and Jake to Ravensdale to do some offroading.  It’s the first local riding that I’ve done – everything else I’ve ridden was at Lake Wenatchee.  It’s definitely more motocross oriented, as opposed to the enduro riding that is predominant at Lake Wenatchee.  At the top of the hill there is a dirt track with a few jumps.  I tried my hand at jumping, and wasn’t too bad.  I didn’t get very high or go very fast, but I didn’t crash, which is the most I can hope for.  My legs started getting sore after a while though, my bike doesn’t have a very stiff suspension, so it felt like I was going to bottom out and break the bike every time I landed.  There were also a lot of trails in the area, and they were about the same difficulty as Nason Ridge at Lake Wenatchee.  But instead of being a single trail, there were lots of options on where to ride through the area, and lots of intersections.  It’s more like there’s an area with a mesh of trails running through it, as opposed Lake Wenatchee, where you have a 9 mile long trail with no chance of leaving it all the way through.   I’m hoping to head up to Maverick Saddle next week and see how that area is, because I haven’t been yet, and it looks like it might be more similar to what we saw at Ravensdale.  I also need to keep an eye out for an area at Lake Wenatchee that has some jumps, or any sort of motocross track that would be fun to tool around on in case I get bored with super long trails.  There was a track behind the squirrel tree inn off of highway 2, but I can’t find any recent information about it online, so I don’t know if it still exists or not. 
      Back to Ravensdale…   My bike had a number of shortcomings…. weak suspension, low ground clearance (so I couldn’t get over the railroad tracks), and weak power (I couldn’t do a hill climb without having to downshift halfway up it)
      All signs point to getting a WR250 next, and selling Lisa’s 200.  The fuel injection might also fix the problem that I have when riding from 2000 to 6000 feet and having the fuel mixture get all screwed up.
      Next wednesday I get to go check out the Reiter area, and see how that area is too.


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