November 16, 2015

      Well, today can easily go down as one of the most stressful parenting days I have ever had.

      Carter had an eye doctor appointment in the morning and did wonderfully until it came time to dilate his eyes. He wanted nothing to do with it, so I had to physically hold him down while the doctor put the drops in his eyes. We spent the next 15 minutes with him curled up in my lap crying in the waiting room and then the following 15 minutes with him hiding under my coat because he didn’t want anyone to see his eyes. Overall things were fine (he has great eye sight, but we had to make an appointment for further testing to see if he needed Vision Therapy). He didn’t want to go back to school after his appointment, but seemed to get past it once we got into the school parking lot.

      Then we had Gavin’s dentist appointment to take a look at his still-loose tooth from Thursday at the playground where he smashed it into a metal bar. They did xrays and the tooth was broken at the root and they needed to pull it or it would risk infection. So on went the “Buzz Lightyear Air” and after he was relaxed, they took a giant needle to numb his gums and I had to hold him down while he screamed and cried. Thankfully it only lasted a minute and once he was numb, he didn’t even realize they pulled his tooth out. Now he really wants his grown up tooth to come in and was VERY excited about the tooth fairy coming that night for him.

      Meanwhile when I got home I opened a bottle of wine. I think I felt everything both boys did, but times about ten.

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