This had to be one of the most difficult projects I have undertaken. As of today, I have 6,360 photos from this year and I tried to narrow it down to 55 or so to fit into a video. That was hard. REALLY HARD. So I know I am not covering all the people and activities from our year, but I did try to get the highlights as best I could. And once I did that, I had to take a monster knife to it and cut out a bunch more.

      I always get reflective on New Years Eve and looking back on 2013, it was a pretty good year with some hard stuff sprinkled throughout it. We said goodbye to several of our relatives throughout the year and also had to deal with some pretty scary health issues with both my parents. But the things we accomplished… I got our master bedroom painted, we survived March Birthday Madness again, I finally learned what 17 yards of dirt looked like and then felt the pain of moving it (we got phase one of our yard “enhancement” done). There was a lovely family reunion, the first of the cousins went off to college and we braved our first roadtrip with the boys and had an amazing time. Carter started Pre-K and we finally have met some awesome kids/parents to hang out with, several of our friends got engaged and several others had babies or are still pregnant. WHEW.

      But the biggest thing of all this year is how much my boys have grown. It seems like forever ago that we took Gavin’s binkie away and now we are trying unsuccessfully to get rid of the diapers. Carter is starting to read by himself now – it was just this summer that he had to earn screen time with writing his alphabet and reading with me every day and now he is slowly working his way through books on his own. At the beginning of the year, Carter was the terrible sleeper. Boy has that switched up – Gavin is our terrible sleeper now! One of the best realizations I had through this process is how the boys are now inseparable. Best of buddies and I couldn’t be happier.

      All of these moments go before you can catch your breath. I am so thankful that I had my camera with me.

      This video is set to “Good Time” by Owl City. This was a bit of an anthem for us over the summer – the boys would sing it in the car with me and Carter would tell me if I had to sing the boys part or the girls part – then get really mad when I just belted it all out, haha. It’s a song that always put a smile on my face and groove in my step, so I hope you enjoy!


      very well done. It brought back a lot of memories. I like your video formaa lot.

      Really nice, Lisa! Love the soundtrack!!