My niece Taylor spent the first weekend of October with us and she and I agreed to “create’ every day for the month of October. For Taylor it will be photos, art, animation, whatever her outlet needs – you can take a look at her work on her new website. For me, photos of course!

      So welcome to Octography – my first seven days. If you want to follow along on a more regular basis, I am trying to post regularly to Instagram (l_halbert). Otherwise I will recap weekly here.

      October 1st

      Here is the lovely Taylor – she is taking a photography class in high school, so it was fun to capture her hard at work.


      October 2nd

      It was a gorgeous sunny fall day, so of course that means we had to play a little football in the backyard following another Seahawks win!


      October 3rd

      Mondays are always tough – back to school, back to routine, homework. When they boys crash, there is always that moment of sweet innocence that finally shows itself. And seriously long eyelashes.


      October 4th

      Gavin plays soccer on Tuesday nights and boy are we heading straight into fall. It was dark at 6:30 and the rain poured on and off throughout the game. And he played awesome!


      October 5th

      These two clowns rushed outside as our light was fading fast so I could get a photo for today. We tried a few with the pup, but this one just cracked me up. The crazy eyes really just did me in, haha. Oh and the candy in Gavin’s cheek.


      October 6th

      There is still some vibrant color left in my garden, despite the crazy rains and cooling weather that comes with fall.


      October 7th

      Friday night soccer feeds my soul. While we may not have won, it was a close game followed by beer and friends. And Chris did stop this shot!!