Week 3 – more photos came from my phone as I was out and about, so the quality on some of these is meh. But something was captured!

      October 15th

      Fall is here and I decided it was time to make some homemade pumpkin muffins before the great wind storm hit. Eighteen muffins disappeared in two days. Guess you could say the boys liked them! Oh and the windstorm that was supposed to be the storm of the century? Yeah, barely any leaves fell off the trees with it.
      <phone photo on this one>


      October 16th

      The great windstorm that wasn’t resulted in my messing around with a weather station that I bought at Costco two years ago. The wind gauge on it was irritating as it only updated every 16 seconds and I tried to move it to a more desirable location in our yard. In the process of doing that, it fell over and the wind cups broke. Meanwhile my brother bought a new weather station and put it online so we could see what was happening at his place … so I started researching. I ended up with the Davis Weather Station where the wind updates every 2.5 seconds. The drawback is you have to buy an optional uplink to hook it to the internet and that costs almost as much as the station. So we aren’t going online anytime soon with it.

      It arrived two days earlier than projected, so I ran to home depot before the football game to buy the pole and brackets to mount it on our arbor and Jeremy and Logan put it up for me. Now I am in weather heaven and ready for the next storm!
      <Another phone photo>


      October 17th

      There is the most gorgeous tree in our neighbors yard that we pass by anytime we drive. I love fall and this is one of the many reasons why. I snapped a quick shot with my phone when returning from running errands.


      October 18th

      I had to run into Bellevue for the day and braved all the traffic on Avondale after dropping the kids off. The drive is so colorful this time of year along that street and it wasn’t a hardship to have all that to look at while inching along.


      October 19th

      The last presidential debate. We needed wine. And a lot of it. It is embarrassing that our country turned a respected process into a reality television show.


      October 20th

      Dinner with Grandma and Grandma Cindy, where Grandma Cindy brings all sorts of cool toys! This is the decanter they use at the wineries so that you can put the wine back into the bottle for pouring. It is the COOLEST THING EVER.


      October 21st

      Carter checked out a kids Halloween origami book from the school library, so I ordered a bunch of origami paper and we started folding and had a blast!