Week 4+ – it was a busy week for us leading up to Halloween and the last Octography post.

      October 22nd

      He loves his new cub scouts uniform so much that he wore it on Saturday just because. Then he took his new cub scout book out on the back deck to learn more.


      October 23rd

      Pokemon Go … I have such a love/hate relationship with that game and my kids. But today was a gorgeous fall day where the boys happily walked all over Redmond catching Pokemon and the colors did not disappoint.


      October 24th

      The phone call you don’t want to get happened today. Apparently Gavin wanted to go home. So with about 15-20 minutes left in school, he grabbed his backpack and coat and left the classroom undetected and started walking home. He made it all the way off campus, walking on the sidewalk along a neighborhood street before a parent saw him and took him back to the office. I was almost to the school for normal pick up time when I got the phone call from the office with what had happened and that I needed to come get him. We are not happy in so many different ways.


      October 25th

      He is my reader. He would happily curl up in the kitchen nook with me and a good book any day of the week. And he is just like me that when he finds something he loves, it is really hard to put it down.


      October 26th

      Dad has been out of town and it was shower time for the crazies. We had a little time left over to play before heading off to reading and bed, so I caught this one of Carter in the bonus room.


      October 27th

      Oh these ladies. I am so fortunate to have a wonderful group of friends that have come from different parts of my life. These two are my “preschool moms” from Gavin’s class. We still try to get together once a month for dinner and a catch up, where we support each other through all the ups and downs that go on in our lives. I look so forward to seeing them each¬†month!


      October 28th

      We attended a Halloween party at the Bear Creek Country Club on Friday. I spent most of the night chatting and realized last minute that I didn’t take a photo, so here is a crap one of the boys playing outside with some new friends. We had a great time, lots of activities for the kids and some really amazing costumes. So todays is more to capture what we did, versus capture a good photo.


      October 29th

      I spent a much needed day on my own today. I watched the Dawgs beat Utah at a bar in Woodinville and then I started all the Halloween party prep. I am in charge of Carters class party this year, so I got to pull everything together for most of the games. One station included cookie decorating, so I got to make a ton of pumpkin cut out cookies for that. And here is the pumpkin outline for the roll-a-pumpkin game.


      October 30th

      Ugh. Seahawks. REALLY? Or rather … SERIOUSLY?!? That was a painful game to watch. Good thing I had the makings for candy corn martini’s for everyone. At least that took the edge off some…


      October 31st

      I made it! And it makes me realize I miss taking photos every day to have a way to remember what we have done in our lives. This last one is of the boys in their Halloween costumes. They are photo’d out by this time and ready to hit the road. We had a very Ninja Halloween around here.