Ahhhh Week 2 – it’s always the second week that can be a challenge, but I was on it! Make sure you follow my niece’s progress over on her blog as well.

      October 8th

      Spooky ghost pub crawl that led us to the Seattle Underground where we met “Edward” – a ghost who was likely robbed and murdered while hauling gold to the bank. It was a super fun night out with friends that resulted in getting in WAAAAAAAY too late and a full day recovery!


      October 9th

      This is what it looks like when you are in time out for an extended period of time. The fall seems to be bringing on all sorts of devious and challenging behavior for the two little boys in our house.


      October 10th

      “Mom – we have a game against the first graders tomorrow, so I gotta practice” he says to me at 7pm when it is cold and dark out. So I turned the deck lights on and let him loose to work on his dribbling.


      October 11th

      This guy had another amazing soccer game. He scored! He assisted! And at the very end of the game he took the ball from a corner kick and dribbled the ENTIRE length of the field to score … for the other team! It was such an awesome goal and I couldn’t stop laughing.


      October 12th

      Dinner and the Sounders game with my bestie. It’s been waaaaay too long since we have gotten together, so the night was marked with plenty of stories, sarcasm, laughter and an early birthday celebration (who is still in their 20s?!?)


      October 13th

      The rain has arrived. It felt like it monsooned, it was so dark outside even at 2pm and the clouds were starting to settle into the tops of the trees. Glad I took the time to pull out all my geraniums and begonias yesterday while it was nice out. Fall is definitely here.


      October 14th

      Gearing up for a big wind storm that is supposed to hit tomorrow. Had to make sure our fireplace worked and had to find all the little lanterns in case we lose power. Of course with all the hype, doubt it will happen…