April 16, 2017

      Easter morning photo – we always get a photo of the boys with their baskets and they wouldn’t really cooperate, so this is what I got.

      April 17, 2017

      That time when water was leaking through our ceiling every time the kids took a shower? Showers are now in our bathroom until we figure out what is going on…

      April 18, 2017

      Pressure washing the front side walk and driveway. I cannot believe how nasty everything gets from our winters!

      April 19, 2017

      Because scratched up Harry Potter glasses help you read at night.

      April 20, 2017

      Carter’s first Junior PGA practice. He looks so little out there.

      April 21, 2017

      Guest shot by my friend Kurt at soccer – I gave him my Fuji camera to play with and I liked this one the best out of all that were taken.

      April 22, 2017

      Gavin’s first t-ball game and his ready position looks more like something out of So You Think You Can Dance than baseball!