July 16, 2017

      Oh my what a TERRIBLE photo taken with my phone! But these boys were so excited they made a patchwork blanket rug on the entire floor. I really need to be better about getting my big camera out when things like this occur.

      July 17, 2017

      No summer is complete without a stop for Slurpee’s and texting a photo to Auntie Kimmy thanking her again for making my kids ask for one every time they see a 7-11, lol. (And another crappy phone photo)

      July 18, 2017

      Dinner after ladies golf resulted in us watching the hot air balloons land on the driving range.

      July 19, 2017

      We headed to the Woodinville outdoor concert where we ran into probably twenty other kids from school. This munchkin really can’t get more adorable.

      July 20, 2017

      We played with some friends at their neighborhood pool and I don’t seem to get images of Carter as much anymore (he rebels against the camera), but this one … those eyes…

      July 21, 2017

      We had dinner at my parents house and the hummingbirds were buzzing us.

      July 22, 2017

      It was hot so the boys decided to put the sprinkler just below the swings.



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