January 15, 2017

      Gavin had a birthday party, so Carter and I were hanging out on our own this evening. While I wrestled with catalog issues in Lightroom, he snuggled up in my bed to watch the Last Mimzy. This looks like it was a particularly stressful scene for him to get through.

      January 16, 2017

      The weather was finally starting to thaw, the sun was out for a little bit before the clouds rolled in, so it was time for some crazy bike riding!

      January 17, 2017

      The ongoing battle with homework. Two and a half hours later he finally finished his worksheet that should have taken him 20 minutes tops.

      January 18, 2017

      Our freezing weather gave way to torrential downpours. There were flood warnings for several days and as I was doing dishes I saw the sun peeking through the trees while some fog rolled through. I really never get enough of that view.

      January 19, 2017

      Our evening play time … Carter tries to chase her, she jumps around. Springers got their name for a reason!

      January 20, 2017

      My first missed day … I was planning on taking a photo at the school dance, but Carter was super congested and stayed home from school and Gavin woke up at 5am and was melting down by 6:30 and we didn’t go. So while I didn’t take this photo on the exact date, Carter spent his day home from school building some pretty interesting stuff and I took a photo from what occurred on that date.

      January 21, 2017

      The boys earn video game time over the weekends and Gavin had some pretty fun “ipad light” on his face. He didn’t want me to take his picture, I told him his face was glowing and he gave this look.